The Metamorphic Technique is a simple approach to self-healing, change and personal development. This is the ideal technique for anyone who feels they are stuck in a rut, at a crossroad in their lives, constantly repeating the same mistakes or feel unable to reach their full potential.

It has its origins in the work of Robert St John, naturopath and reflexologist. During the 1960’s he discovered he could bring about significant changes by applying a light touch to points on the feet that reflexologists know as the spinal reflexes. He later became aware that everyone has their own capacity for self healing and the technique he developed was allowing this to become fully activated. He found that clients were experiencing permanent changes on many levels. Originally called Pre-Natal Therapy as he believed the spinal reflexes charted the time from conception to birth, he later developed this work into what he called Metamorphosis. The name Metamorphic Technique was used by Gaston Saint-Pierre who studied with Robert St John and continued developing his work, later setting up the Metamorphic Association.

The Metamorphic Technique is a tool for transformation and change on any level mental, physical or emotional. It helps trigger you own inner life force enabling you to better reach your potential. Whereas many therapies are concerned with removing blockages, the MT simple notices that you may have patterns that simply no longer serve you which you may wish to release, enabling new patterns to be created. The practitioner is just a catalyst in the process.

A session usually lasts about an hour during which you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks and either sit or lie down. There is no need to discuss personal problems or give a medical history and you may talk or not as you wish. The practitioner, acting only as the catalyst, works gently along the spinal reflexes on the feet, head and hands. It is the innate healing ability or ‘life force’ of each client that does the work, acknowledging and removing outdated stress patterns which may have been there from as far back as conception.

The effects depend on each person’s life force. Many feel energised, relaxed or both whilst others may re-experience some past symptom or emotional upset which is part of the process of bringing up old patterns to be released. Some may experience huge boosts of positive energy or find themselves making significant changes to their lives. As everyone is different, the practitioner cannot predict how long it will take for changes to occur but whenever they occur they tend to be permanent.

It is entirely up to the client how many sessions they have and how often they have them.

MT is suitable for all and can safely be used by children, pregnant mothers, those with mental health issues, learning difficulties and for those coping with terminal illness. As it is the person’s life force that does the work, it can do no harm and can be used on its own or alongside other medical approaches both conventional and complementary.

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